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Kristian Borg
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Personal Quote: People of Earth! We come to you in the spirit of hostility and menace!


Annihilator WIP 5
Anni in Zeta battalion colors and insignia. Hopefully not completely off of what it's supposed to be; I didn't do a whole of of research on the matter.

Model is at 650k quads before subdivision. Not a whole lot of progress from last update. Having a hard time making up my mind where I'm going to take it from here on as far as additional detailing goes.
Scrap book 1
So I was digging around my archives and found some projects that I never completed for various reasons. Thought I'd share them to show what could have been.

Top left: This a sort of pet project for a while that outgrew the capabilities of my computer at the time so it never reached what it could have been in the end. I think this was initiated during the time the final cut of Blade runner was released, but I'm not entirely sure anymore. It was so long ago I last touched this.

This test render is missing quite a bit of effects it was supposed to have, like rain fall among others. I'd very much like to complete it but I'm always put off by the fact that I'd like to make so many changes to it that I just don't want to do all the work. Also I never completed the flying police car that is so iconic to Blade runner. I was going to place it somewhere in the front.

Top right: I don't really remember what I was going to do with this one. I didn't even remember it existed until I stumbled on it today. Could be turned in to something interesting I suppose.

Middle left:  Something I started and ditched when I wasn't really sure where to take it. I felt it needed some more omph!

Middle right upper:
This was going to be a scene of a drop ship offloading mechs and such on a launch pad. I believe I stopped working on it when I ran in to some problems with particle effects. There was going to be lots of volumetric fog and steam around the drop ship. I was planning on making support buildings and gantries to the right of the DS but never got around to it. Also the forefront was supposed to have a mech or two guarding the area but they are obviously not in this test composite.

Middle right lower: If I were ever to pick up one project out of all of these, this would probably be it. It just needs a whole lot of work. This is somewhat inspired by the MW4 campaign/multiplayer map with the palace.

Bottom left:
Alternate to this…. For some reason I never completed it. I might actually pick it up again some day and make some face lifting to it.

Bottom right: I used this as a test bed for the material I used in this… deviation. It's not exactly the same I ended up using.
Annihilator - WIP 3
Hey hey! A quick render of the model to keep things going. Quite a bit of progress since the last update but still not any where close to done.

Props to :icontabnir: for his sketches. :D
Moar Anni
I've made some progress since the first preview so here is a small update. High-five!

It's a cheap-o screen shot straight out of Wings 3d, but I'm sure it gets the message across. Still a long way to go before completion. I salute you! 


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